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What's Up around us ?
By Bella


I am learning something very special. It is about faith and unbelief. I have been of the opinion that when I have faith, I already have no unbelief. However, if you find you still have a few things to do about your faith decision, you do not have faith. Meaning,  changing your mind on what you have believed, you sure have a disease called unbelief. Faith in God is a SURE state.  It is also PURE. You cannot have both faith and doubt. Once faith in what God is to do, you rest in it regardless of what happens. 

you have it you are not moved again. You cannot criticize the pastors who pray, you cannot think bad doubtful thoughts about the people around you or yourself. Simply believe in what God can do. Because you can read the word of God from the bible and believe it and never give up and God will perform that which concerns you. 

Source of Unbelief

Many Christians do not believe it is their right to be healed, to be provided for by God. Because they do not believe, they can never get a healing. Deeply inside, they say, God wills this or that against them. 

God gave up his only son for the sake of reconciliation with man. He glories in the welfare of man/woman. He loves to make ways for you and I to be made whole. To be continued...

Jesus is our way maker. Only He can bring anything to come to pass for our good. He is our love our maker our defense. It is a time to cry out to the savior for help. It is a time call on Jesus of Nazareth just like Zachias called on Him. He will never fail us nor forsake us. Call on Jesus to come and help you. I know believers have the Lord walking with them all the time. However when trouble start, people may even go to their friends to figure out what to do. No, as the Lord to tell you what to do. Communicate daily with him and then begin to call out those things that pertain to life and godliness.

Scientists, Laboratories and universities have work to do. From time to time we hear of information that genetics  on its way to be coded in the labs of this world. it is time for all people to be aware of what is going on and realize their features could be reorganized by scientists who work hard  works to show their ingenuity. However, some of the research they engage in could be useful to humanity when made to save lives. For example to help with disease reduction. Nevertheless, Heaven is the maker for each and every individual and I believe anything done to make God unknowing will fall short or his glory. We want to make everything please God , not compete with him. Believers need to be aware of all the things going on around them so they can know when to or when not to participate in the in what is going around them.

Science has done great strides to help humankind get rid of diseases that used to easily kill people especially children. Nevertheless, same science pursuit is still held accountable for over vaccination on young children , the vaccines were alleged to leave many children autistic. I popular video has gone around telling people about the vaccinations. I just hope this move in the genetic arena will be discussed publicly and people allowed to learn  about how it works. If you have any information to share, please leave your name and we can contact you to teach more on the topic. You could even write a true and meaningful article that we can post and help people who are hurting.


Attraction with power can cause you to miss heaven. Many people come to Jesus to save them. Immediately they go back to their ancestral gods and request power to impress the people of God. This is abominable.

In the kingdom of God , which is headed by Jesus Christ, there is already POWER. God's power cannot be enhanced by demonic power. No. However, people who do not know God's word can be cheated by the fake power and they can even believe God is blessing them

It is important for each believer to repent and renounce all the powers they operated in; all the powers their parents operated in. We all remember Jesus teaching about the strong man. The strong man is that which controls your family. The strong man has been with your family for decades and is not willing to go even when you are saved. You must remove him, break his authority , and renounce him. You also must burn any articles, books, that belonged to the strong man of your family. 

Secondly, are the series of strong man you acquired all by yourself.  The strong man knows you and will always try to interfere in your life. I want to mention some strong man that many believers in the west do not think of.  It is called disobedience. People defy the law. They defy the church rules. They defy the community rules and even parental rules. I know the term rules is a little strong, but all I mean is - we need to obey all the guidelines that cause us to live peacefully with one another. Get the devil off your track by being one way minded. Love the things Jesus teaches us because he is the same today and for ever. When Jesus comes in, say proper goodbye to all the past. 

When this is done, you can serve Jesus freely. However, remember, the devil always goes away for a season. If he ever shows up, ( and this is often) you must be in a position to identify it and take authority over his activity in your life.  

November 2018

I have just heard on Radio , that the California weather is getting challenging. I am calling on all believers to pray to God for mercy upon the state and to command God's word upon the weather situation 

This November year many things happened that never happened before. It is true because you had never been in November of 2018 before.  All I want to convey to you is simple. take nothing for granted. Things happen which look alike. Yet each event is unique to its time and place.

I want to share with you that God is moving in the hearts of thirsty people and looking for those who hear him to get involved with him as much as possible. 

Those of you who read from this ministry, help us reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Help us by telling your friends to get the encouraging gospel message presented to you by radio and soon by video also.

Time has come when ones riches cannot save them nor ones poverty or hard work. we all need Jesus to save our souls an give us a new way to look at life as a whole. Above all we need to be good to other people around us.



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in today's world there seem to be fast and ready answers to problems. You can just but out all the nasty words from your head and hope someone will eat and die.

2. You can follow the popular tv man or woman and believe they are speaking for your needs

3. You can just hate people because the evil done is by people. 4. you can live a life of fear and intimidation. 5. You can live a life full of God and trusting in him. There are promises for everything God wants to do for you. Get into the bible and start reading what God says to those who love him. Today God is telling you " you  shall not die but live". Say it and make it personal. Now say is " I shall not die but live" . I shall believe in what that scripture says. God is no respecter of anyone therefore he will give his word to all people. Then whosoever takes that word seriously. Put trust on that word,  can see the manifestation of that word.

       The telephone in your hand can be a resource to find God and his promises. I cannot promise you that there will always be a human being around you to help you or affirm you. But I can assure you that God is close to you as your breath is. He is with you wherever you are. When you are afraid and cannot do anything else, just sit there and think of God and how much he loves you. Then remember one of the promises he tells you out of the Holy Bible.  When you get a promise the next important is to believe in that promise, ( word of God).

 However, before you believe, you must love God himself. That means you put trust in His Son Jesus as your Lord and savior. The all his promised are yes and amen to you

About the Family

      Let us allow God to bring ministry to our families. The enemy wants to disrupt families so that we do not stay connected. By this I mean the natural family as well as the spiritual family units. Now all we need is connect to the King of Kings

     Father, we come to the maker of all things and lay our burdens down at your feet. It is by your Son Jesus, and through Him, we overcome every temptation and every evil work of the enemy. We bring ourselves, young and old to you.

Father we have come today to your presence and we lay down our families to you.  September is marked as Suicide prevention month.

We know you have conquered the world. Therefore, we say, you are the help of our lives. 

      Awesome God and King of all, we repent for our sins that opens doors of suicide. Forgive us and help us. Now we cry ABBA, Father. Hear us today and bring healing to the disrupted hearts. That person who wanted to make his or her own end to life today, we bring to your healing river. And we say , no weapon forged against them shall prosper, We speak life and health in their emotions and minds instead. The enemy of our lives wants to kill steal and destroy, but you Father, gives life. We speak that abundant life and release it to the hurting. Lift up the pain from people’s hearts and bring healing. Lord, we speak more joy where sadness was brewing. We will trust in you where doubt was stagnating.

We say, today we will lean on you and not to our own understanding. All we say and believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.


         Connect to some more and people who do great work for the kingdom in the area of “Family”. One of such organizations is Dr. James Dobson has worked on many aspects of the family.



      My friend, Jesus Christ, had to wear a body to operate like us. Even when he rose from the grave he chose to visit his disciples in a body, now glorified. That can tell you how much God values our physical bodies. The bible tells us that God created man in his image. The same Bible tells us God is spirit. So we put two together and it fits; the spirit of God comes to dwell in our physical body. This is great. We are then to take care of the house our spirit dwells. Therefore beloved do not neglect that body. God has given it to you for a great purpose. 

Harassment of the body

There are certain things we watch out for when we are taking care of the the asset called "our body". We need not harass it. yes I mean that . Many people harass their body. They give it punishment . for example they drink spirits and take excess and burn even the organs in the inside of the body.

Use body to sin

There are also people who use the body for sin- examples are many; But some are worth mentioning because the Father tells us so in the word of God

If you are married- do not go and give your body again to someone else. You are taking the temple with you to pollute it. Same as two people who chose to have a sexual relationship but they do not want to get married. They are doing something the scriptures do not agree with so they defile the beautiful body. 1 Corinthians 6:19 says it like this- 

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Resting: sometimes people work too hard and forget to rest the body. The body needs rest so it can fulfill God's call for you. To be continued...


Our bodies are important to  God just as much as our spirit s are. there is no waste in God. Before Jesus came to earth as a baby, the God of the Bible dwelt in a tabernacle, then in a beautiful house in Jerusalem. On the day His Son died on the cross, Father God decided to open the door so you can go to him yourself and meet and talk. The Lord Jesus came to the Jews as a High Priest. It was too early for them to see him as that. But he was. The day he died , he did not have a chain on his leg from the temple. He was already out of the temple. He wanted you to go to his Father directly just as he also went to Him Therefore he became a human High Priest who, instead of bringing a goat or a beautiful clean lamb, brought himself to the slaughter ( the cross) dying for all the people like you and me. 

His physical body was tortured carrying every sin, shame, public spite, degradation, anger, anguish, pity, and every conceivable and inconceivable evil. That was for you. That was for me.That is why God wants us to give him our bodies. He wants us to die to sin. Yes he does.Instead , we carry the king of glory . 


Just as the body of anyone of us has parts to it, so are we in the kingdom of God. God has called you, saved you and placed you in his body. Now, just think of it? Are you a toe, a hand, a nose, a nail, a hand, etc. You are getting there. What if you were hair. Can you say hair is less useful to your body that other parts? No.

It is very surprising how some believers think they are better than others.  God who knows how to make everything, made each part for a reason. Next time you see a believer, greet them with enthusiasm. You are part of them and they are part of you.

Gods love is perfected in Jesus Christ

1 John 4:17 (KJV)

17 Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.

All humans who find and rest in the love of the Lord are indeed transformed into another being. If people did, there would be the true church victorious. Not only did Christ pay the price, but he also made the perfect exchange for those who would put their trust in him and on his name. Right here on earth is where Christ wants you to know that he is in you and you are in him. There is no comparison for this exchange.  To come forth into him and then wonder is just the divisive nature of the enemy. There is nothing to go back into the world to find because in Christ is the perfect exchange. What I mean is this, Jesus removes us out of bondage into a place of freedom. Why would we want to go back and serve in bondage?

Don't feel weak and far. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you so you can always live in hope. Apostle Paul tells us he only served God by his spirit. We can do the same if we understand this exchange that God made about through his Son Jesus. I cannot even begin to fathom the truth. When God ordained the Son (as son of man) , (like you and me), He spoke and gave a a decree-( thou art my beloved Son: in thee I am well pleased.) Jesus is a Son in whom God is pleased. He has everything you would ever need. What Jesus brought to the table had been lost for years and years because of our grandfather Adam. You and I are now privileged persons.We have a savior. We cried to him to save us and he did. 


Fall brings some of the most beautiful looking colors of the world. It is very rewarding to se how God works in nature. Things, at his call just begin to change because everything he creates has purpose. Leaves that fall in the fall time end up faterlizing the ground and helps manure the land. What do you like about the Fall season?

I particularly love to see the brown  and orange leaves. I collect a few just to smell them and keep them around where I live. This year I did not do what I have done over many years prior. The leaves still have much green even now . I hope your Fall season is having exciting things to do.

Spring is here
It is a busy time.  
 Busy offices  at break time and lunch times to stand outside and drink their peace of
vitamin D. This month you can breathe fresh air standing on your front porch or balcony. Where I am located , the weather is just great at this time.
the warm soft breezy air is an incentive for taking long walks  that make room for creation of  new friendships or visiting those regulars. 


      This is a time to think of freedom to celebrate what you love with who you love. In almost all lands where I have gone, I have known of much preparation made for December celebrations. 

      I find some kind of  specific grouping. People doing things just for the celebrations of Christmas season.

      The first group are families with minimal income levels or even on the poor side of life.There seem to be a lot of thought by  families on what to do for Christmas. Parents with young children will spend everything they can afford to buy toys , clothes, and even special food to mark Christmas season. 

       The next grouping is by religion specifically believers in Jesus Christ.  For many years, believers in Jesus have had the idea that Christ's birth can be celebrated in December.

This makes churches work hard to provide food, clothing, toys, to give to the less fortunate. The churches and ministries believe they are doing this to show the kindness of Jesus our savior. 

      Regardless of belief in Jesus Christ, Christmas is celebrated as a holiday. Many movies are launched during this season. People are simply in a festive mood. In the nations where Christmas comes in the winter, people are encouraged in their spirit. Decorations and happy greetings are plentiful in the season of Christmas. People will not accept Jesus yet they will celebrate Christmas.

      Another group of people is the employment/ business group. Many companies combine Christmas season with a good time to give bonuses and gifts to employees.  In December employees look forward to spending their years  work  to get money to spend on their family members as signs of appreciation and concern. Friends spend money to show how much they appreciate each other by sometimes buying the most expensive gifts. 

       I know of nations where funds are not plentiful and family life spending is not very high, yet Christmas takes a very significant place and people give even the very little they have, to have the best and most meaningful Christmas. 

Personally, I have fluctuated on the issue of Christmas. When I was little, Christmas had a double meaning. It was to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It was also very nice because of the weather. The weather was warm and pleasant. The second reason I loved Christmas was because our parents got us everything we needed for the next year. I did not get toys , but I got school uniform, new shoes, new pair of sox, new petticoat (under clothes) lotion, soap, hair things, and such.  My parents had quite a number of children therefore it took all year long to budget for their Christmas spending.

       Today, I am not so sure what Christmas means to people. I have a few things I particularly enjoy during the Christmas season. I enjoy looking at display of lights and I look forward to the lighting of a city Christmas tree. I think it is a fun tradition. I think every church building need to have a tree lighting ceremony. That way our tradition would be complete. 

      Last but not least, I love choirs. Christmas music in a choir form. You see Jes had angels come all the way from glory to sing at his birthday.


                                         TRUTHS TO PONDER- 2

on Christmas Sunday and the following Sunday I was graced with the most perfect answer to Christmas.

the Lord Jesus gave a sermon through one of his very honored servants. I truly blessed my heart. The sermon simply " what if Jesus did not come? " that surely should be the question. when I get ime I will share the notes I took at that sermon alternatively, If I can get permission to post the whole sermon, I will do so. I am sure you will enjoy and be filled. 

                               TRUTHS TO PONDER

The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine (he was the first Christian Roman Emperor). A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December ( from Catholic write up)

ironically this stays true. Governments seem to enjoy Christmas. People get day off on Christmas and employers are happy about it. 


I say yes and no.

No, first because Jesus is the main event in any event. Apostle Paul tells believers not to worry about lists of histories, but talk and things that lift up the name of Jesus Christ. He is the living Christ therefore we can celebrate him any day anywhere.

Yes, because a lot of research has been done and there is no reason why his true date of birth or the season cannot be determined. 

The sheep. Shepherds were “living out of doors and keeping watches in the night over their flocks.” (Luke 2:8) The book Daily Life in the Time of Jesus notes that flocks lived in the open air from “the week before the Passover [late March]” through mid-November. It then adds: “They passed the winter under cover; and from this alone it may be seen that the traditional date for Christmas, in the winter, is unlikely to be right, since the Gospel says that the shepherds were in the fields.( From a another write up


At times we may wonder if we have worth. People worry that other people do not love them, do not care for them, do not give them respect , do not bring them good things. And so the list can go on and on. Now my beloved friends, I want to share with you some truths which will make you sit put. The truths will make joy come to your face. When you received Jesus into your life; when you said Jesus come into my heart; or when you got saved, if you truly meant what you said, a transaction took place. A special occurrence took place that was documented in heaven. In short, God took you back from the state your grandfather Adam and your grand mama Eve had left us in. This means you are now welcome in the House of God as a child. The Lord Jesus came to earth just for this important reason. He came to carry our sin on his body to the cross so we can take all sin and put on him when we receive him as savior. John 3:16 nails it on the head. God gave us his son freely. 

Life without Christ is like zero. You can make great money, have great houses, travel the world, meet many great people, even do may good things for all mankind. However, all that can be nothing without coming to God in His terms. Salvation is such a wonderful gift. That is why we take this time to look at our lives and thank Jesus for making that doorway for our salvation. 

     When we have salvation we also have God's good things. He opens up his treasury to his children, Jesus Christ being the first born of many brethren 

For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.
My beloved brother and sister, this is who you are. That is the reason we take time to rejoice and be very glad because what Christ did for us nobody else could do. How much God loves us nobody else could love us like that. That is what a believer in Jesus is/ a peculiar person. You are extremely valuable to heaven. Therefore if you have been doubting your salvation, stop it. Troubles do not stop God from loving you. Troubles do not stop your position in God.  While your learning about the kingdom, God loves you . Therefore, keep knowing more about your new status. Take time to learn about Jesus Christ.

Rise and Shine by Bella A Madara

This is the day I have been telling you about. My book Rise and Shine is making headway and you can start ordering ahead of time from this day on. Yes you can be one of the first people to read this book in its improved and expanded version. I love it when a book is used by the Lord to touch a place in a persons life where healing was needed. God is our helper but he uses human vessels to help one another. I want you to pick up this book and read it for yourself. It is very surprising that people who read it always say positive life changing comments.  Here is one.

" I just finishes reading your Rise and Shine book ( powerful stuff. Sis! As I read it my niece kept coming to mind. She is just now coming to the Lord-TY Jesus! I would like to buy a copy for her."  CindHuff. God bless you bunches!

You can enjoy Cindy's  testimony but you are free to get your own copy. If you are serious about your own development  Buy your copy direct from

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Do not Let anything or anyone stop You from reaching Jesus and being all you can be


Instead of being attracted to parts of Jesus ministry, get to know Him. Jesus wants you to embrace the totality of him. Love him and give yourself fully and willingly to him. When you do this, Jesus through the Holy Spirit begins to show you all the different areas of his gospel and life to which he has called you.

Remember the Bible tells us the knowing Jesus is Righteousness, Peace and Joy


August 21 -2017

People in the United States are looking forward to seeing the effect of the solar eclipse. You are advised that on August 21, you wear proper eye wear to view the action. Please protect your vision. It is important to have sight. 

Then again we may say , is this for a reason or not? I believe there are several ways to go when we want reasoning for an eclipse. It could be scientific, historic or religious in nature. Some people have found answers in the Bible. Now what about you. You are free to tell me your views Just sign in on the free sign up lace and talk t


If you need unquestionable power, take these steps 

1.  receive Jesus Christ into your life, repent and renounce all other gods. God's can be passions, activities etc. beliefs. They do not necessarily have to be evil spirits. The reason you give up all controlling things in your life is God the sovereign Lord, becomes your father and only him can occupy the center of your being. When God is first, all other things fall in the correct place. When he is first you can ask him to show himself strong in your life.  He will not disappoint you. You cannot mix Jesus power with other spirits that he created!.
After receiving salvation, you are in God's house . This is the place where you begin a new life. You do not  continue the old life ( nature)you used to have. On the outside you look very much the same person, but your spirit is totally new. You are indwelt with the spirit of God. Therefore you are a new creation in Christ Jesus.
2. Renounce all( every one of your ancestral /family powers)
Renounce every conceivable strong man in your life.


this is a place where the body of Jesus gets divided because of how it is interpreted. Nevertheless, I give it to you raw as it was happening to the first church. it is up to you to get everything Jesus paid for or to choose and pick what you want.
Before Jesus went back into heaven he gave the disciples what to do. I believe this is very important. we can do what we want , but it would be more beneficial for the church to do what Jesus wanted.
Luke 9:2  when the Lord was still here on earth the disciples used his own power. However when the Lord was leaving , he gave instructions we can read here. the Holy Spirit was going to be the main helper for us to receive Gods power.
Mark 16:15-20
      But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. This is the filling that will allow you to fulfill your duties as assigned by God. Your cities are not the cities of Jerusalem and Samaria, but sure your cities are there. Just start right in your very city or town or village. Do something with the resources and power you now have. Get people together and minister to them. Read the Bible and grow . 


Kindness is real but responsible citizenship is more real

         It is such a thrill to find that life still has good people. I know you may disagree because you recently got ditched by several people. No I remember Tossie who mentioned that several people took advantage of her so she never trusted anybody. But I want you to stay with me for a moment. Recently I started to study business. Yes I started to study business topics like what to do to sell or to buy. I wanted to study what to do in the tax department of my life or how tos of business. I wanted to do this because I have never studies this subject before even though I have done a few businesses. I found out real quickly that it is one thing to make a great dish that is liked by every body,  but it is a completely different thing  to set up a profitable business selling the same tasty dish. 

       Now then, I wan to come back to the story I wanted to tell you in the beginning. I met these great people who teach business classes. They say they are retired so they want to give back to community. That means they give up time (donating) so Americans can get educated in business things. Does that seem OK with you?. I was and have been all grins because I normally don't get free lunch. This free means free to me and  this is exciting. When you find me fluent in some business terms, you will know where I got them. In my earlier education the one thing I never studied was business. This makes me very grateful to the men and women giving their time and expertise to us. 

      On a regular day I just serve the Lord in whatever duties  we planned. We like to feed the homeless.When we go to feed the homeless they receive us with a great smile. I did not realize it was because they are happy to receive free food, clothing and dog food. May be  God is paying me back for my days feeding the homeless. However, all that matters is - I am having all these business classes because some good American has decided to give up their own time to share what they know. It is great privilege to be part of this. The ethics of these men and women, I believe comes from the freedom to create income. Americans are known for freedom to make a living.

I am also concerned about the socialistic views commonly insinuated to the American people. If we all stopped working hard and received handouts, How long would that stretch? Would there be any people who are able to give to community? 

      It is my view that philanthropy only thrives where there is freedom to create and to have  things especially business. People who have can turn around and give. When people are unable to create or to expand, they may see it as a life of slavery. On the other extreme is the expectancy for continual free substance. Perpetual free receiving  removes self identity. The giver becomes lord over the receiver.  This kind of giving has and is still leaving  people handicapped financially. Many stay irresponsible for the rest of their lives because of little or lack of knowledge. 

                HOW FREE IS THE GOSPEL

Whereas the gospel must be preached to all nations and all creatures I just wish it was accompanied each time with discipleship. A lot of people have been left untrained or undisciplined due to evangelism that has no follow up. When people receive the Lord but have no discipleship plans, they do not grow and provide for themselves. It is very sad when we see a photo of a desperate person, 20 years later , the picture is still being used to show how malnourished the people are.  what if the giving was done in 5 years during which people were taught to farm, to irrigate, to make their own clothes, to build their own houses, and to write and read and so math, business etc. Without opening peoples eyes to the totality of Jesus , people are left to die and go to heaven to find their maker to show them what they missed on earth. I know to evangelize of of Christ . He told everyone to go. Let there be a true heart of revealing the way their Lord would want it to be done. One thing is clear from scripture, give and it shall be given unto you . This scripture is deeper than what we put on the offering plate. It means when our doors are locked, God may open a door in a country or place full of poor people. when we go there and evangelize, we are only following a door that has been opened by the master of ceremonies, Jesus Christ the righteous one. if we do not fulfill that door, we probably would not have the thing we wanted. that fulfills a scripture that goes on to day. 


. Salvation is the first door to Daddy's house. Jesus is the way, the gate, the door. However , He brings the Comforter, provider, keeper, helper, lover, teacher to be with us all the time,  Once a person is saved, they must take responsibility to pursue what the Lord Jesus has for them. therefore there needs to be a follow up after the initial salvation process. 

this follow up must open the gospel of truth to the hearer. As I learned, I have followed a few people who have gone with the gospel and opened peoples eyes to know who they are and to explore what the Bible has. great results have followed and better relationships built.  To wait for the person who brought salvation to come back on a second trip  or a third trip help with day today life of a believer is not practical. The person who brings the gospel of salvation may not be there for the new believer to find  answers to their day to day questions.  To be continued...

Many people are extremely disgusted over the reproaches caused by their enemy. Of course you are right. If someone keeps tearing your already torn coat, you will be very unhappy. For a long time I have had to face  challenges caused by my adversaries. You know our adversary is the enemy, the devil. But the worst thing is when he uses people on two legs. That is when things get into real mess. What happens when you find your neighbor is the one being used by the enemy to hurt you? Do you turn the other cheek or you tell him you will get even because you can practice some karate on her or him? Not really. You just want to tell them a piece of your mind because you thought they were real but you have proved them wrong. I would not speak for you because I do not know. I just want to share with you some thoughts and instructions Jesus left for all believers to follow. And now you are wondering.

     A friend of ours found the enemy was in the mind. That enemy she removed by prayer. Everyday she prayer a simple Psalm. After a while she realized the words of that Psalm removed the buffeting of the enemy in her mind. It could be true for you too. 

"what ! Jesus again?. Be real tell me something happening right here where I live"

Well, I am going to give an account of timeless advice. I know on your block you do it your block way and that is OK for you. I just want to share some timeless insight. At least two thousand plus years advice. 

Luke's account of solution: This account by Luke helped me to wake up to the Lords way of dealing with those haters and such. Luke 6:27 But I say unto you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.

28. Bless them that curse you and pray for them which despitefully use you. These instructions of Jesus do not stop here. Let us go a little further. 29. And to him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to to take thy coat also. These actions our Lord took literally when he fought for you and I.

     You may say I am off the right path because I am asking you to forgive the people who hurt you and to pray for them. This advice I copied verbatim from Jesus Christ. I had to use it myself. In fact i used it and even today if anyone who hurt me try to pop up in my mind, I just pray for them and turn them over to God. When you humble yourself and use Jesus ways and instructions, you truly get peace of mind. You sleep well and wake up all refreshed. But Let me tell you something I learned the hard way. Once you are peaceful with people , you must watch out for more to come. The enemy heightened his pitch. He gave me a higher dose than I was used to. and before i could stop it , I was hurt. I must be writing this to you there now reading. keep perfecting that which concern you. anticipate all kinds of the enemy's attacks. 

also important in this forgiveness is the truth about people. People will hurt you or attempt to. So be watchful and prepare your heart to look to Jesus and continue the journey with joy. 



As much as we can dee things with the naked eyes, at that very time there are spits of negative origins.Jesus is the one who revealed the spirits very openly to us. You do not have to invite a spirit to attack you. You can easily be attacked by a negative spirit just because you do not understand what God says about, himself, yourself, and the spirit foes.

The first thing to do is to ascertain Jesus position in the world     to be continued........


Money! what about it?




Where do you keep your hard earned money ?

Here is an interesting topic. It goes right into your pocket. I cannot disclose who sent me this e-mail but I want you to help me read it. If you have comments, feel free to tell your story,

If Americans wish to withdraw cash, why would the banks not just let them take their dollars and go? "Because doing so might unravel today’s economic grand illusion and bring the whole system down, according to THE SECRET WAR, a new White Paper by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte."

"You are a casualty of the 'war against cash' if you have a bank account – and probably do not even know it," explains THE SECRET WAR: What the "War on Cash" Is Doing To Your Income, Savings, Life and Liberty, And How To Survive It, a new White Paper by Craig R. Smith & Lowell Ponte, authors of DON'T BANK ON IT!

TSW Governments have always had a love-hate relationship with cash. WHY? Because cash is anonymous money that allows people to carry away their untaxed earnings.

Now the fix is in to outlaw cash and usher in a "cashless society." The "War Against Cash" is happening because cash has become intolerably dangerous to the giant illusion built mostly out of debt paper.



       What is the best way to make money and keep it? It is hard work to accumulate legitimate money. Some people say you can make a lot of money and keep all of it.That worries me a bit. Are we not all to pay taxes?  What do you think? 


There are a group of people who  say you can make a lot of money but it comes with a lot of misery and  worry. Some even say money is the reason for divorce, death, community disintegration and so forth. Because of that there are people who are opposed to having plenty of money.

Then there are also people who say money is the heart of goodness. they want plenty of it.

then there are people who say God promised us money and because of that we must prepare to receive as much as possible. The good book says, seek ye first the kingdom of God , and all these things shall be added unto you.

                                                    Where do you stand?


Now my real question is this- where has all the moneys issued from government treasuries all the years until today gone? If money can be counted 1234 etc then all moneys that have ever been issued are somewhere. You see the economics of balancing world budget depends

 on many other issues which do not relate to physical money /dollar / shillings/rand/yen/ etc.

Be free to leave you emailed message. 

Let me hear from you because your opinion counts.

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                                   WHAT DOES THE GOOD BOOK SAY CONCERNING MONEY?

                                        DON'T WAIT FOR MONEY BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR PREACHING

Part 1

What are some of the things the bible says about money? Is money a terrible thing or is it the use of it or is it the love of it?

CALLED TO PREACH: Big deal.!!!

When we are called to preach the gospel. it is not really our call. It is the master's call. There are times when we get burdened with the weight of the call. I believe those are times when we need the Master the most. If you keep close and stop the worry, he'll tell you what next. However, walk is always by faith and not by sight. Even when we reach the biggest bump, it will still be the road to 'your Emeus"''''[ and he will be walking along with you "incognito". You see we still have the earthen wear. We cannot see in the other dimension. But he sees in all dimensions.

Mark 6:8 He( Jesus ) charged them to take nothing for their journey except a walking stick—no bread, no wallet for a collection bag, no money in their belts (girdles, be continued...

Part 2

If Jesus the head of business asked the preachers to go on without cash in their pocket , How was he expecting them to survive? How did Peter and the apostles fund their  ministry? How did the Lord Jesus himself fund his ministry? Here is one occasion when heaven opens and provision come down. Funding the work of God is always an interesting question. It  comes right to your pocketbook again. However, this time you are involving someone who never fails. God never fails. He also is not man that he should lie. He does not need to work in order to fund his ministry. He needs every one of us to listen to him first! 

At one of his big rallies Jesus one time simply prayed over a few fish and few loaves and voila-the multiplication began. Now that is power!!! different. It is power from above. By the way don't forget, He had to get the few fish and bread loaves to pray over. If the people hid the seed, he probably was not going to teach them the heavenly multiplication factor.  You have seed, he will provide the need. Does Jesus care? Yes Jesus cares for you in every area of your life. This applies to every place where people call Jesus savior and Lord.

I know you don't want to hear another fish and loaves of bread story because you probably are still working on tradition. OK here is a different kind provision story

Part 2


Wedding at Cana in Galilee

[ Jesus Changes Water Into Wine ] On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there,
This story is just for the sake of their life/your life. There is no preaching, no business, no rent payment due. Just pure good time at a wedding. This means even you can be given a good time just to make you or your family happy. Does Jesus care? Yes he does care for you. The Lord cares for you.
When people plan for a wedding they do their very best. Guests are counted and provision is brought up front. Very rarely would something be missing at a wedding. I remember there are many weddings where only the invited guests can come in because cups, plates, seats have already been counted.This is done so there would be no shortage at a wedding ceremony.

The Lord and his earthly mother go to a wedding party and there is such happiness there because the guests drunk all the wine that had been prepared. People consumed all the drink. ( of course not alcoholic because Hebrew women would not even have been close to it) So Jesus mother tells turns to him and tell him Jesus there is no more wine at the wedding?. The bible tells us Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus kept many stories in her heart, it is absolutely true. Jesus while walking on earth was always the Son of God. He was God and also man.  Mary must have already witnessed many incidents of heavens actions performed by Jesus the messiah of Israel, the Son of the Living God.   So Jesus responds to her by saying it was not yet time for him  to start his work. Nevertheless he goes ahead and blesses Mary's request. 

Now, here is the big one. Mary told the organizers of the wedding this sentence- (whatever he tells you do it). that is the million dollar  answer to all need. People might have,  kind of , waited for the next step. Then the Lord Jesus spoke and said they should go and bring in jars( large wine jars) full of water. As the men went to fetch water they probably talked among themselves or wondered what jars of water had to do with good grape drink. ( nevertheless they kept doing what Jesus said to do). After the jars were all filled, Jesus told them to draw and serve the people. AHA! moment.   i can just imagine the first servant or the head servant asking

 "what do you mean?

And another one with weariness in his eyes saying

 "Do you want us to serve water to the people at a wedding party? 

But the Lord confidently told them to take the first glass to the head of the table where the honored guests were. AHA!

 Tell me where  this make sense to the carnal mind? NO. Nothing like it. It is all heaven made.  Jesus is of heaven bringing heaven to earth.

 Part 3

CREATED TO BLESS THE LORD ( you were created to bless the Lord)

Ezra 7:17 Therefore you shall with all speed and exactness buy with this money young bulls, rams, lambs, with their cereal offerings and drink offerings, and offer them on the altar of the house of your God in Jerusalem.

there is a principle here that lasts for ever. Everything produces after its kind. If you are thinking about blessing God, then that shall increase according to its kind.

Luke 6:38

If you let the Lord have your stuff, He will give you what is needed for your stuff.

Matthew 6:33

One woman who was very poor went to church and put on the offering the one dime she had. She had the principle packed down. If she put her last coin in the hand of the multiplier, God himself would multiply her seed and provide for her need.

at another time a little boy went to meeting with five loaves and 5 fishes. He was going to see Jesus but at the same time he would probably sell his fish and loaves and make some money. or may be they were for his own lunch. I wish young men today would be endowed with this kind of mentality. they would go out with plan. It always amazes me how our Lord know all things. personally I am of the opinion that the Lord knew this boy was in the congregation and he wanted to bless the boys  work. Anyway as the word goes, the Lord took the young mans fishes and loaves looked to heaven and blessed it. Then he gave to the disciples to offer to the multitudes.  Everybody was fed until nobody was needy for that meal. At the end, several baskets were available for the boy to take home.


Matthew 25:27 ( Words of Jesus)Then you should have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received what was my own with interest.

This is my thought : if the Son has set you free, you are free indeed. I am free in my soul, body, spirit. That also means I am free from any earthly mandates. i can start to dig in the wells of salvation for all my needs. There lies my everything, including my finances. The kingly and priestly mandates govern my finances and life. I will use my faith to show me where to find my money.

to be continued...
This has taken time to complete nevertheless,it is always timely to talk about God and us. if Christ came to give us life and life more abundantly, how come he could not include the finances? I know someone is already saying, how in the world could you say that about the Lord. that is exactly what I mean