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Catch a Thief: Beat All Odds Through God

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This is a page just for  Catch a Thief
 I believe this book will help you get your true self back.  

When we hurt, we do not care who is with or away from us. All we want is to be free, healed wanting nothing. Life is beautiful when we understand where , what and why etc. As soon as people begin to enter the unknown, they may also begin to shake in the core of their being. Help me walk with you in the journey from the unknown to the know. Read  Catch a Thief. Available on or right here on this website. Thanks


Is here to catch that thief that has been stealing from you every day of your life. Life is livable when you understand what God tells you about you. Get to that place where you hear clearly what God is saying concerning you. 

Question For Today

When you wake up and find you missed the time for waking up, What do you do next? 

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Have you ever been surprised by things that happen in your life or around you without your permission? I mean when things go the opposite way from where you wanted them to go? I used to feel like that many a time. I cannot say it happened only when I was new to the Lord Jesus Christ. No, I had times when I could feel a surprise right on my front yard without a prior warning. I am interested in having believers live with freedom from too many surprises. It is very possible that we can live in an atmosphere of sufficient faith to capture all the unknowns. What do you think?